Uniform Videos from Charleston Museum, SC.

Just added six videos from “YouTube”, in the first three videos, Curator of History, Grahame Long, discusses the uniforms preserved within the collections of the Charleston Museum and how they reflected the needs, means, and, in some cases, priorities of the individual soldier who wore them.

In the last three videos Grahame Long discusses the Robinson, Gison and Philips uniforms in more detail.

The direct link is http://confederateuniforms.org/conun/stateuniforms-vid02.php or click “Uniform & Flag Videos” on the menu.

Grahame Long and the Charleston Museum are to be congratulated on making these sort of items available on the web; not everyone can get to visit every museum that holds items like these. Let’s hope more museums follow this trend and show some of the items from their stores which seldom see the light of day.

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Quarter Master Issues, Army of the West, last Quarter 1861

I found this information while trawling through the papers of Major W. M. Montgomery on Footnote. Montgomery served as Quarter Master to Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch.

Ben McCulloch had led his Army to victory at Wilson’s Creek or Oak Hills, and was now busily recruiting soldiers from Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas in order to stop the advance of Federal troops into Arkansas.

The document is useful as it not only tells us what the troops were issued with during this period, but also shows the sequence of the availability of various types of clothing.

The direct link is http://confederateuniforms.org/conun/mccullochquartermasterissue.php or click on “Uniforms” and then “Uniforms in Depth” on the menu.

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Richmond Otey Battery

Just added a page on the Richmond Otey Battery which was organized on 14 March 1862 and mustered into Confederate Service on 22 March 1862. The first commander of the battery was Captain George Gaston Otey after whom the battery was named. The reason for the addition of Richmond to the battery name is that there was another battery from Staunton commanded by Captain C. C. Otey which was called the Otey battery so the company from Richmond was officially named the Richmond Otey battery.

The direct link is http://confederateuniforms.org/conun/richmond_otey_battery.php or use the menu under “Uniforms” then “Uniforms in Depth”.

I have had all the information for this page kicking around for a long time and it was nice to pull it all together and see the finished article, hope you will find it useful.

The only thing I would have liked to have added was an illustration of their flag but so far I have been unable to locate one.

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Texas Uniforms and Peter Tait Uniforms

Just added a few items that I found in early Texas newspapers at http://confederateuniforms.org/conun/earlywaruniforms-tx01.php; of particular interest to me was the Independent Company which appears to have become Co H, 3rd Texas Infanty. Fred Adolphus published a great item on this unit in the “Journal of the Company of Military Historians” and he has recently added a copy to his web site at http://www.adolphusconfederateuniforms.com/books-and-articles.html. , fourth item down.

Fred is also about to publish “Imported Confederate Uniforms of Peter Tait & Co., Limerick, Ireland”, with a release date around the 12 December 2010, this is definitely on my Christmas book list and should be on yours if your are interested in late war imported uniforms. Heres the link http://www.adolphusconfederateuniforms.com/index.html

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Have you tried Footnote, I signed up when the first records came online and think it was some of the best money I have spent.

I have trawled through the Confederate Citizens file and found invoices for goods supplied to the Missouri State Guard, lists of goods purchased by North Carolina companies and requisitions for silk for use in the Silk Issue ANV flags.

What I really find interesting is that I can find a page that authorises payment to a supplier for hauling uniforms from Texas to Washington, Arkansas http://www.footnote.com/image/#32972537for Co H of Randals Regiment, jump to the web to find that Randalls Regiment was the 28th Texas; jump back to Footnote and locate the Captain of Co H. Nothing in his file regarding that delivery but there was a requisition for 2 yards of gold braid so I know that he was making the effort to be properly dressed http://www.footnote.com/image/#32|10580732. Digging further I found an issue of one and a quarter yards of grey cloth http://www.footnote.com/image /#9495430 and a purchase requisition for one individual of eight shirts, four pairs of drawers and one pair of boots http://www.footnote.com/image/#9495440; so it would appear that there was no shortage of shirts and drawers in 1862!

Hopefully I will find some issues that I can tie into the original delivery which will give me some idea of what clothing was being sent, in the meantime I must get back to adding some more items to the site.

By the way click on the Database link on the menu and there is a live link to Footnote, I think they are running a 7 day free trial at the moment so you can sign up and start looking for yourself.

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Tennessee Uniform Regulations

Although Tennessee had not issued any uniform regulations since 1836 they do appear to have used a set of Confederate Uniform regulations published in New Orleans in May 1861.

I have put together a list of those regulations and some artwork showing the system of rank from those regulations. Hope to include some images of Tennessee officers using this rank system. Although I have found a number of officers from Tennessee using this rank system I suspect that it may have seen usage in other states, if you find any images that seem to fit please let me know.

This set of regulations was very short-lived, as the Confederate War Department issued a full set of regulations in June 1861 with a completely different version of rank insignia; this must have been very annoying if you had just had your uniform made!

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Peter Tait Jackets

I hear that there is a new book about to be published in late November or early Decemeber specifically on Peter Tait jackets, need to put that on my Christmas list. I will post more information as soon as it is available.

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Getting there!

Well, the site building seems to be going OK. Now to start adding more information. Thats when I find items that I had completely forgotten about and start looking up related items; only to find that I have digressed from my original intentions to add data to the site. However, that is half the fun of uniform research; that chance that when looking for something, a completely unrelated item appears on the horizon and prompts some new research.

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Bulletin Board

Have added a link to the Bulletin Board, no menu on it yet as I need to do some more programming. Please use the back button on your browser to return to the rest of the site.



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A work in progress.

Welcome to a work in progress.

I have been researching Confederate uniforms for more years than I care to remember so finally I thought I would pass on some of the information that I have gleaned over the years.

So far I have added listings of the Confederate Army Uniform Regulations and State Regulations for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi and Virginia.

Also found some related videos on YouTube, a RD2 jacket and Flag of the Pee Dee Artillery, and a series of lectures on Confederate Flags by S. Waite Rawls III President and CEO of the Museum of the Confederacy, Richmond, Va.

Next project is to add a Bulletin Board so that questions can be asked and answered. After that I hope to add a Database to store some of the information that I have accumulated over the years.



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