Uniform Videos from Charleston Museum, SC.

Just added six videos from “YouTube”, in the first three videos, Curator of History, Grahame Long, discusses the uniforms preserved within the collections of the Charleston Museum and how they reflected the needs, means, and, in some cases, priorities of the individual soldier who wore them.

In the last three videos Grahame Long discusses the Robinson, Gison and Philips uniforms in more detail.

The direct link is http://confederateuniforms.org/conun/stateuniforms-vid02.php or click “Uniform & Flag Videos” on the menu.

Grahame Long and the Charleston Museum are to be congratulated on making these sort of items available on the web; not everyone can get to visit every museum that holds items like these. Let’s hope more museums follow this trend and show some of the items from their stores which seldom see the light of day.

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